ET Best Brands Award 2023

BajajCapital has won the ET - Best Brands 2023, celebrating the remarkable brands that have redefined the benchmark in their respective fields. We feel truly honored and humbled by this acknowledgment, and we look forward to more accolades as we persist in our commitment to building a customer-centric brand.

Our Founder

Established BajajCapital about 60 years ago and has vast experience in the field of financial services.

Our Mission

Provide need-based solutions at the right value, gaining lifetime client relationships through a happy team & service excellence.

Our Vision

India's most admired & recommended wealth creation & protection brand.

BajajCapital Core ENRICH Values

Entrepreneurial & Ethical
  • Cites and shares correct/incorrect behavior openly and honestly
  • Treat co-workers with integrity and respect
  • Proactively seeks feedback/support when needed to improve self performance
  • Is a brand ambassador to BajajCapital
  • Exhibits traits to handhold new members in the team
  • Recognizes and appreciates team members and co workers for their success stories
  • Proactively follows up with reporting manager and support team for career aspirations and growth plan
  • Proactively fill up for my team members deliverables in their absence
  • Take charge and follow up on my development and career path
  • Always operate out of my circle of influence and do what i do best to deliver on what is expected from me
  • Always stay ahead and implement best practices and creativity in all tasks done
  • Maximize the use of technology and digital media for day job & communication
  • Communicate with each and every individual in the team and maintain professionalism
  • Always coordinates with team members for timely completion of tasks
  • Have fun and celebrate success together
Happy Clients & Happy Teams
  • Works towards continuous improvement of client experience at BajajCapital
  • Understand and listen to the customer expectations at all times
  • Always capture customer feedback and internalize it when required
  • Manages relationships with peers by being transparent, open and upfront with colleagues, when needed

What all we can do for you

An easy rule of thumb says that for your retirement planning, you'll need to replenish 70% to 90% of your pre-retirement income to lead a good retired life. Mr. Rajiv Bajaj Chairman & Managing Director

Right financial planning can help you lead the retired life you deserve - free from all financial worries. Let us help you plan for a happy retirement.

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