Venkatesh Naidu

Venkatesh Naidu

CEO - BajajCapital Insurance

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Mr. Venkatesh Naidu is the CEO of BajajCapital Insurance. He comes with over 20 years of rich experience in the Insurance industry and has been a catalyst in building many known insurance organizations such as Exide Life Insurance, Bharti AXA Life Insurance, and ICICI Prudential Life.

Mr. Naidu is a prolific leader focused on creating the best customer-centric offerings for every Indian.

Mr. Venkatesh Naidu has done his Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Sales & Marketing from the Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship.

First and foremost, it's about Trust. The only way to build a team that delivers and scales is through Trust. Trust your team and build an environment where people trust you and each other, that you will do the right thing for them every time.

Second is an unflinching focus on delivering value for stakeholders. We are in the business of helping people at the time of distress and what we offer people is the safety that in case the unforeseen circumstances strikes, we are there for you.

Third belief is: People are inherently good and they want to work and excel. They want to be respected and treated fairly. Creating a workplace that delivers this is paramount to his way of operation.

Business and People.

The biggest learning as per him is that its all about People. We may build endless technology and may become most advanced as a race but what we will all continue to value is the presence of people around. He is extremely passionate about the impact a business can create and get the traction by creating jobs, growing the organization and eventually adding our bit towards building a better India. In the free time, he loves to play Golf and is a voracious reader.