Our logo depicts Lord Ganesha who is the source of all our values and ethics in business.
  • The large ears of Lord Ganesha remind us to hear more. We listen carefully to our clients to understand their needs.

  • The weight of the trunk on the mouth symbolises silence. We work silently, without blowing our own trumpet.

  • The long trunk symbolises continuous exploration. We explore all avenues to provide the best investment opportunities for our clients.

  • The heavy posture of Ganesha symbolises stability. We help our clients to attain financial stability through wise investments.

  • Lord Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles and bestower of prosperity. We emulate His example and try our best to help our clients attain prosperity by proper need analysis, scheme selection and efficient execution..

  • Our logo has a yellow background. Yellow is the colour of gold, which symbolises wealth. According to Vedic lore, it is also the colour associated with Brihaspati, the guru and counsellor of the Gods. We offer our clients sage counsel to make their wealth grow.

  • The letters are in red colour – symbolising power and incessant activity. It symbolises our aggressive quest for your well-being and happiness.

  • The white streak represents the trunk of Lord Ganesha. White is the colour of satva guna, and implies our selfless commitment to your life-long happiness.