Rajiv Bajaj

Rajiv Bajaj

Chairman and Managing Director

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Mr Rajiv Bajaj is the Chairman & Managing Director of BajajCapital Ltd.  He has over 30 years of strategic management experience in the fields of Investment Banking, Investment Advisory, Insurance Brokerage and Financial Planning. 

He is committed to institutionalization and the highest standards of corporate governance and is working with a best in class Board and empowering Professional Managers to grow the company in his current quest.   

He is a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (Delhi Chapter). He is also a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (Delhi Chapter). Rajiv is a fitness enthusiast and is very passionate about Qi Gong.  He was trained by a Shaolin Monk at Shaolin Temple in China in 2017.

Mr Bajaj has done his MBA (International Wealth Management) from the University of Geneva, Switzerland and an Executive MBA (International Wealth Management) from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. He holds an International Certificate for Financial Advisors' from the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), London, UK. He is also amongst the first batch of 25 Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation holders in India.

Mr Rajiv Bajaj is the Founding Chairman of the Financial Planning Standards Board, India and has been one of the key people involved with bringing the globally recognized Certified Financial Planner professional mark to India.

Rajiv is also one of the Directors of the Financial Intermediaries Association of India (FIAI), which was formed to act as a common voice of Financial Distributors in 2013.

Mr Rajiv Bajaj has also founded OmniLife (www.theomnilife.com), which is a holistic wellness platform that offers ancient wisdom based solutions, ratified by modern science, to a life of Total Well Being with complete alignment of mind, body and soul.  OmniLife means a holistic life with good health, mental well-being and spiritual growth.

With the birth of OmniLife, He also realised the interplay between Health, Wealth & Longevity.  Good health would add to one’s longevity.  The longer one lives, the more responsibility one has to ensure that the money outlives and not the other way round.

BajajCapital is India’s oldest and largest Wealth Management company serving over 3.5 million clients.  We have had the privilege of serving clients for their Retirement Planning for the last 5 decades.

With this intention in mind, Mr Bajaj launched the ‘Retirement Project’ which is a solution that will help people to retire healthy, wealthy and with a new sense of purpose in life.

Apart from doing research on human longevity, Mr Rajiv Bajaj is very passionate about the concept of Ikigai and is doing specific research on the same and has become an ‘Ikigai Coach’. Ikigai is a Japanese word that stands for 'a reason for being’.  Ikigai is the process of finding your ‘Life Purpose’. 

In the last two years, he has conducted numerous sessions to help participants discover their Ikigai and leverage their unique gifts to achieve huge professional & personal success.

Rajiv’s personal Ikigai is to help people find their Ikigai ‘Life purpose’.