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There is a need to improve the financial status of women in the society because women's participation is integral for the overall sustainable development of the society and also for the economic efficiency and growth of a nation. We can take inspiration from other countries that have proven track record showing that Female Labor Force Participation led to considerable growth :

USA GDP increased by 5 % | Japan GDP increased by 9% | United Arab Emirates GDP increased by 12% | Egypt GDP increased by 34%

You can share your enriching experiences on how women can enhance their financial knowledge and best practice it to stay prepared for life emergencies, meet the rising cost of living and contribute towards their family's financial prosperity.

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Your story can inspire hundreds and thousands of women to soar high and high to reach the abode where 'True Independence' lies.

If you believe that you have something to share that can direct other women on how they can strive to attain financial independence, then we are waiting for your story.

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Other women can draft the roadmap to their financial success by watching your journey of financial independence

In the road to financial independence, women have come a long way by breaking their stereotyped identity of being a child bearer or homeward. Today, they showcase expertise in various other domains as well, be it politics, sports, entertainment, education, business, and entrepreneurship. But there is still a long way to go. Show them your journey of financial independence, it may help them to pave their way

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