Success Stories

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." ― George Eliot

'Give Your Children What I Got From My Parents - The Freedom To Follow My Dreams'.

Ms. Ritu Kapur

- Founder of 'The Quint'

Financial Awareness Is Extremely Important For Women Today.

Ms. Fatima Agarkar

- Founder of KA Edu Associates

Once A Woman Is Economically Independent, It Will Give A Different Status Altogether

Dr. Shayama Chona

- Founder of Tamana Association and the former principal of DPS RK Puram

I Am A Better Wife And A Better Mother When I Am Working.

Ms. Khyati Rupani

- Chief Nutritionist

Knowledge And Value Add Are The Powerful Tools Of Building Trust In Relationship.

Ms. Padmaja Ruparel

- Founder of IAN network

Believe In Yourself and Your Venture.

Ms. Mohita Indrayan

- Owner of 612 League

I Hope That Every Woman Is Empowered To Take Control Of Their Own Finances.

Ms.Anita Dongre

- House of Anita Dongre

There Is No Freedom For Women Without Financial Freedom.

Bajaj Women

- Women's Day Special

Being Successful Is Very Subjective. One Should Do What They Love To Do.

Ms. Lata Chaman

- Vaaya

Men Use Money For Power , Women Use It For Security.

Ms. Raseel Gujral Ansal

- Leading Interior Designer and Founder of Casa Paradox and Casapop

For Those Women Who Have A Lackadaisical Approach To Knowing Their Finances , If Me Saying This Helps In Anyway ,Trust You Me , It's The Most Liberating Feeling In This World.

Ms. Megha Chopra

- RateGain IT Solutions

I Always Used To Go To Work For Fun, I Didn't Go To Work To Work.

Ms. Rina Dhaka

- Eminent and Avid Fashion Designer

I Diversify My Investments And It's My Decision Where To Park My Money Which Is Done Very Wisely With Help From My Financial Advisor.

Ms. Ritu Grover

- Owner of The Global HelpDesk

It’s Difficult But Important To Strike A Balance

Ms. Aashica Khanna

- IHHR Hospitality

The Stage Is A Magic Arena, Where An Actor Has This Powerful Gift To Move The Audience And Influence Their Perspective.

Ms. Sushma Seth

- Indian Stage, Film and Television actress

I Had The Burning Desire To Create Something And To Establish My Ideas And Innovations. I Wanted To Be Someone Who Made A Difference.

Ms. Shahnaz Husain

- CEO of Shahnaz Herbals Inc.

When You Are Learning , You Should Be Humble And When You Have Learnt , You Should Be Humbler

Ms. Monica and Sonica Malhotra

- MBD Group

Just Jump And The Net Will Appear , If It Doesn't Appear , You Will Learn To Fly

Ms. Dimple Mirchandani

- Secret dresser

Just Set Short Term Goals In Life And Make That.. Your Dream!

Ms. Ginny Kohli

- Wedwise

Work With Dignity And Transparency To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Ms. Vinita Bimbhet

- Ex president of FICCI FLO

Do Not Drop The Idea Because, You Think That You Won’t Be able To Do It

Ms. Reema Arora


Every Woman Should Have Her Own Income, Irrespective Of The Value And Have A Hold On Her Own Financial Matters

Ms. Neeti Macker

- The Homemakers

We All Know That Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

Ms. Rhea Singhal

- Ecoware Solutions

Passion Should Be Visible From Head To Toe.

Ms. Aakansha Bhargava

- CEO, PM Relocations

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