Goals Should Be Clearly Defined-Whether Long Term Or Short Term.

By Ms. Ankkita Jain Das- Architect


Beautiful Minds - ' Wings of Inspiration'
What came into your mind when you thought to become an interior designer ? 
After I went to my hostel in 10th , it was a very studious environment and therein after I became very focussed towards becoming an Engineer. I always wanted to do something for myself. My family never forced me to get married earlier and always supported me in whatever I wanted to peruse in my life. Having a science background , I did very well till 12th but till 12th I had studied so much that I wanted to get into some creative course. So, this is when I started studying for Architecture but couldn't clear my exams. Since I wanted to persue something in this field only , I opted for Interior Designing and got admission in Amity University where I did my 3 years bachelors degree. 
Post my graduation, I got a job and worked under an architect for 3 years. But I was really not happy just being an interior designer as I was being cornered. I wanted to do much more than what I am doing. I wanted to get into real hardcore construction and explore more opportunities. So, I started searching out for more courses that can enhance my Qualification. So I found a course named MBA in Real Estate which was an executive course requiring 2 years of work experience which I already had. So I persued this course from IP University and learnt a lot. 
There were practically 2 years in life when I took no break. 5 days a week I was working and on weekends I used to have my MBA classes. So after completing my MBA and a work experience of about 3 years , I thought to start my own firm and this is how my own firm 'AJDA' started. 
How do you manage your professional and personal life ? 
My family , my husband , everybody supported me so much that I was not required to take a break from my career after marriage and when I gave birth to my baby , till that time , I had made my office & team so well equipped so that I was able to handle things remotely and they need not face any issue in my absence. 
What are the greatest obstacles that you faced in your journey ? 
The biggest challenge that I faced was to prove myself specially in Real Estate sector as people have that mentality ' ki ladki hai , kahan labour ko handle kar payegi ' . Secondly , since I had worked for 3 years , I never had that habit of asking money from my home and in the initial years of my startup I faced few financial pressures but God helped me whenever I needed it. 
Do you handle your finances on your own ?
My husband handles my finances but we mutually decide where to invest and where to raise money from. I have basic financial knowledge of my investments. 
Do you feel financial knowledge is important for women ? 
Yes , I extremely believe that women must have financial knowledge and I would like to share 1 real life example with you. My father-in-law expired when my husband was in college and it was a sudden shock for the entire family. My mother in-law was a simple housewife and my brother in-law was in school. It was at that time when my husband had to look after everything and he did not had any knowledge as he was in hostel since school and had no clue about any investments which my father-in-law had made . Because of which the family had to go through a lot of problems. My mother-in-law had no idea about finances and the investments either. After that incident, my mother in-law gained knowledge on every financial aspect and now she knows everything what and where to invest. If she had the knowledge before, probably they would not have to go through the pain. 
What advice do you have for the young entrepreneurs who have just started up with their business ? 
Goals should be clearly defined-whether long term or short term. 
Have a vision for your business which should get stronger & clearer with time. 
Success Mantra 
In order to be successful one should : 
1) Learn from their failures 
2) Work upon their failures consistently


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