Give It Your All, Until You Achieve What You Want To

By Ms.Devika Srimal- Kanabis


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Devika Srimal - A Girl who had always dreamt of running her own business since childhood.
Tell us something about your brand 'Kanabis' and the journey you travelled? 
I had a finance background and did my graduation from University of Warwick , USA and afterwards persued Chartered Accountancy. I worked in Ernst and Young for 6 years in London and then in Deloitte in Gurgaon for about 4 months but somewhere I wasn't fully satisfied. Moreover , I always had an entrepreneurial edge since I was 6 years old. I have always been an animal lover and gave up wearing leather few years ago. When I came back to Delhi , I struggled finding non-leather shoes. I wanted non-leather shoes that are also stylish , fashionable and affordable. That was when I decided that I want to start my own brand called 'Kanabis'. Kanabis is a fashionable, high quality and animal friendly footwear brand for women. Historically, canvas was made from hemp, which is the cannabis plant (yes, that’s where marijuana comes from !).  We use canvas in our shoes instead of leather, hence ,thee name 'Kanabis' . Kanabis was launched at the London Market exhibition at Hotel Ashok in New Delhi. Sales and marketing have so far largely been driven organically through social media and word of mouth. We also run contests and do fun events such as ‘Kanabis Shoe Parties’ where women get together, have a blast, try out a whole bunch of Kanabis shoes and buy what looks and fits right. We also do Corporate Pop-ups that have been a hit so far, and we have quite a few lined up in various offices in the coming months. We have our shoes physically tested at the Footwear Design & Development Institute in Noida. Our soles are certified to be abrasion resistant, slip resistant and flexible. Our manufacturers perform the QC audit and sometimes we hire a third party for random inspection. The production only starts once we approve the look and fit. We are a Peta approved Vegan brand and sold 2000 pairs in the first year. We are initially focussing on India and have recently started exporting as well. Many celebrities such as Jacqueline Fernandes , Ayesha Takia , Adaah Sharma , Raveena Tandon have supported our brand since it's Vegan. Kanabis began with 22 styles but now we have over 65 styles in 2 years and is priced at Rs 1,700-3500. The brand offers unique and high-quality products that are 30-40 percent cheaper than international brands. Our products are currently available through our website ( and at several multi-brand stores and boutiques in Mumbai, Pune and Chennai. Besides we have our own warehouse in Delhi , where customers come and shop. For me, the journey has just begun, and I know it will be a while before the brand truly takes off. Late nights and almost no weekends are the norm but I feel that we are headed in the right direction. What motivates me to stretch myself everyday is the positive response the we receive from our customers. “There are of course highs and lows like in any business, but it’s part of the experience.” 
What are the obstacles that you faced? 
The moment one enters into a business, obstacles follow at every step. Starting from finding the right kind of team to right kind of partners to work with. Moreover, competition in this space is immense but our design and quality makes us stand out. 
What advice do you have for other women in order to be successful? 
There is no secret to be a successful entrepreneur. If you have the will , passion and an idea then you must initiate and implement that idea and and see it through. If you are determined then nobody can stop you from being successful in life. 
Should women have financial knowledge ? 
Finance is like the lifeline of every business and even if a woman is not running a business then also financial knowledge is very important in order to be independent. I believe women must change the mentality of other people who feel that women are not good at understanding and controlling finance. 
1) For me , success is not a one time achievement , it is a constant journey. 
2) In order to be successful, one should have a 'Go Getter Attitude' .
“Give it your all, until you achieve what you want to“


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