Just Jump And The Net Will Appear , If It Doesn't Appear , You Will Learn To Fly

By Ms. Dimple Mirchandani- Secret dresser


Beautiful Minds - 'Wings of Inspiration' 
Tell us about your entire journey since your childhood till now ? 
Rightfully said - “your thoughts and actions shape you into the person you become” , and so I always say I am a reflection of all that MA is and what she made of me . I started young all thanx to her , as she made sure that there is nothing I don't know  be it cooking , cleaning , basketball , swimming ,tennis , dance etc. She just kept me on my toes throughout and that is what made the foundation making me mentally and physically super strong. Ma was very disciplined with eating habits and kept us in check always - and hence they became the Roots of Holistic Nutrition.
As for my education- I graduated in the field of Accounting and Finance from (University of Manchester, UK) , after which I got  International Certification as Nutrition And Health Consultant from Institute For Integrative Nutrition (New york ,USA) & Diploma in Sports Nutrition from Oxford (UK) . Thereon  I got on to exploring various other fields and got certification in Astrology ,Tarot Reading & Numerology .Recently I was awarded international certification in Yoga training & certification in Diamonds and gemology From GIA. Currently I am pursuing Diploma in Vaastu . Having said all that , I started working at an early age  and gained much insight of business world by working for family business.I was always well aware of the things going on in an industry as I belong to a business family where discussions always revolved around work . However , I was always passionate about doing new things that led me to start my own ventures - Holistic Nutrition and Secret Dresser. 
“In my free time I love to read books or play piano .” 
My major strength comes from holistic life approach & a well balanced lifestyle . Being keen on fitness and practicing yoga /kick boxing / weight training , eating good diet - gives me a better frame of mind and implicit energy to work as an entrepreneur . Meditation is another key - it helps me be good at  taking decisions and handling difficult situation in a very calm manner . My own experience made me start my first venture - Holistic Nutrition . 
My second venture Secret dresser - deals in buying and selling of pre-owned luxury products .It started with a sole objective of utilizing resources of our planet in a better way .The idea came to me from my own closet ,beautiful and exquisite- mostly unused or once worn designer clothes and accesories lay hanging since forever - you gotta do something about it. ..right ??? what better than sharing. Now you may ask why only expensive designer stuff…..people are always hesitant  to discard clothes and accessories of higher value , whereas they would easily give away the regular ones. Through Secret Dresser we can increase the rotation of such items which will ultimately benefit the society in some way.
Did your family supported you in whatever you did ? 
My family has always supported me in every aspect they could. As for the gender bias - I was never introduced to any such concept at home . Ma always taught me to handle all my issues by myself even as a kid - that’s what made me tough as a rock . 
Do you give support in your family business ? 
I always support my family business whenever it is required and my ideas are well appreciated and acknowledged . 
Have you faced any obstacles in your life ? 
Nothing worth comes easy in life , it’s the obstacles & challenges you face everyday  that make you grow into a better person . Also Every startup comes with a set of challenges of its own .However I truly believe that challenges are good - they make you work harder . You just do what you want to without thinking twice.
'Just jump and the net will appear , if it doesn't appear , you will learn to fly' - I follow this saying very passionately. 
Do you have knowledge about your finances ? 
Finance is my forte -  I am a CA by profession & so I was always good with numbers . It’s easy for me to keep a track of my investments and  finances. I sure do not belong to the category of women who lack basic financial knowledge. 
Should women have financial knowledge ? 
Not only every single woman  but every single person must  have some financial knowledge. Funds are somethings you deal with everyday of your life ,  it is of utmost importance to be financially aware . And for our society in general - I strongly believe women must know much about it so they can be financially independent for life and not face the issues that have long prevailed in our country .
Stay fit -Live  a balanced life ,be close to nature - rise with the sun , eat real food , be connected to yourself , trust yourself and whatever you do , give it a 100% .


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