Passionately Contributing To Others Lives Whether It Be Professional Or Personal Leads To Success.

By Ms. Kriti Baveja and Ms. Divya Gupta- Owners of MOMZJOY


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Two friends, Divya Gupta and Kriti Baveja established a brand named 'Momzjoy' when they met a friend, an expectant mother, at a common friend’s party. Their friend had expressed anguish over being unable to find the right clothes to wear at occasions and that really gave her self-esteem a blow. It got Kriti and Divya thinking how pregnancy is so underrated though it deserved so much more importance. 
Kriti along with Divya, thus started online maternity brand 'Momzjoy.' The brand has a mission to create fashionable yet comfortable clothes for new mums and to-be-mums. The brand went live in November 2015. Both 26, the co-founder duo of this brand are computer science engineers and childhood friends. The team went ahead and conducted a research covering over 250 would-be-mothers and doctors only to find the need to have fashionable yet comfortable and functional maternity clothes. Leaving their lucrative jobs behind, the founders started 
We hope that you will find their journey as inspiring as we did ….... 
Tell us about the journey that you have travelled so far ? 
We are childhood friends and have always wanted to do something of our own which would impact other people's lives. However, we didn't know what that particular aspect was until our pregnant friend expressed her disappointment over being unable to find the right clothes to wear . This really gave her self – confidence a blow. It got us thinking how pregnancy is so underrated in India and how it deserves much more importance. Infact , A 2015 research of more than 2000 + expecting Indian mothers found expecting mothers to be as anxious about breastfeeding as their attractiveness during and post pregnancy. 
We also surveyed over 200 + expecting mothers and doctors only to find them troubled about finding the right mix of fashionable yet comfortable and functional clothes because of problems of fit, size, and long term usability. We realized how we could use the power of fashion and move a step towards resolving all these worries. 
'That is when we decided to start up with a brand that could make 9 months of pregnancy and beyond comfortable and beautiful.'
We went live in 2015 and got an overwhelming response inititally through word of mouth. Infact, we crossed over 200 orders even before the website was officially launched in Nov 2015 and since then have been growing. 
We deliver PAN-India and take pride in being a  complete "Make in India" brand - from the raw materials used to our own in-house manufacturing and production, everything is indigenous. In a short span of time we were awarded “The Best Maternity Wear Brand in India 2016”. During this time Momzjoy has received exceptional reviews from thousands of it’s customers PAN-India, celebrities of the like of Soha Ali Khan, and several publications like TOI, Hindu, Businessworld, Entrepreneur magazine, Yourstory, Hindustan Times etc. 
'More than 40000 new and expecting mothers visit our website every month where we keep changing our maternity & nursing wear collection with the changing trends.' 
What is the USP of your brand 'MOMZJOY' ? 
All of Momzjoy’s products are innovatively designed to have long-term usability as they fit and flatter during and post pregnancy. Momzjoy's fashionable yet comfortable nursing wear has easy and hidden feeding accesses to promote effortless breast feeding. Momzjoy takes pride in being a  complete "Make in India" brand - from the raw materials used to it's own in-house manufacturing and production, everything is indigenous. 
Where do you want to take your brand in future ? 
We see Momzjoy as the leading maternity and nursing fashion brand in India and across borders empowering millions of mothers. We see ourselves making a huge impact by helping change the mindset of expecting Indian mothers encouraging them to flaunt their bump and own their confidence. After all creating life takes courage, and courage is meant to be celebrated and embraced. 
What are the obstacles which you have faced in your entire journey ? 
There were no obstacles but challenges that we faced which were the stepping stones to where we have reached today. The first and the foremost challenge was leaving our jobs and convincing our parents that we want to leave our established jobs and start a business of our own. Secondly , we wouldn’t term it as a challenge, but setting up our own manufacturing unit from scratch has been a great experience with its own new and exciting learning experiences. But challenges are mere learning experiences. If you’re determined to achieve something you’ll find a way out. Keeping the big picture in mind has been instrumental in overcoming any challenges. We don’t look at any challenges as problems , and we know that challenges are faced in every new business every day, and we’re no different, but we see each one of them as stepping stones to reach our goal of empowering millions of pregnant moms and new moms. And it is only these challenges that has helped us reach where we have. 
'We won the Best Maternity Wear Brand in 2016.' 
Do you manage your finances on your own and do you think that women must have financial knowledge ? 
One of the key ingredients to run a succesful business is to be able to run it’s economic engine. Although, we both manage Momzjoy’s finances with the help of our CA, we have full control of our money as to where it is being invested. 
And yes, it is very important for women to have financial knowledge so that they need not depend upon anybody else and are financially independent. 
What advice do you have for young women entrepreneurs who have just started up their businesses ? 
-Follow your passion, remember your self-worth and don’t hold back. 
-Focus on your products and your customers. Think like a consumer and keep imrpovising your product. 
As a thumb rule – follow your passion and add value, success will automatically follow! Passionately contributing to others lives whether it be professional or personal leads to success.

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