If You Really Want To Do Something, You Have To Find A Way For It

By Ms. Prachi Garg- Founder of Ghoomophiro


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Prachi Garg – An ordinary girl , an extraordinary mind, a traveller by heart , a prolific writer , with a dream of doing something big. She is a founder of GHOOMOPHIRO 4 years back , a travel planning service that specializes in organizing corporate tours and is running successfully covering all the sections of society. 
We at Investors India, had the privilege of interviewing a woman entrepreneur who inspires us in many different, she possesses completely different outlook, she ignores what the world will think and rather follows her heart, and is consistent in providing best service for travellers… 
Tell us something about yourself? 
I come from a small place called Bulandshahr which is 80 kms away from Delhi and to fulfill my dreams in such a small place was not so easy. I have 2 younger siblings, my sister is working as a senior media planner with one of the MNCs and my brother is presently studying B.Tech from Honkong university. My parents come from a business background and I coming from a business class family always had the passion of doing something on my own. In early years of my struggle Although I started with a typical path as I tried to get into IIT but could not crack. But just like the phrase suggests ‘ Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s a part of success, so, I did not lose hope and completed my graduation in computer science from Miranda House , University of Delhi and did my MBA from Great Lakes Institute Of Management, Chennai. 
There might be things that changed your view of life, How did you realize that you have a business-woman in you? 
While I was in Miranda House , I explored many facets about myself which I never knew. I did theatre over their which was a completely different experience, I was the president of the quiz society and did everything on my own. I give all the credit to those 3 years spent in Miranda House for making me independent as there was no protective environment, I could do whatever I wanted to. I wanted to do something which is a combination of technology and writing, so, I joined journalism. I also worked 3-4 months with DD NEWS as an anchor, reporter and wrote for the portal engineering times. After my graduation, I got placed but along with that I wrote for Hindustan Times as a freelancer and was also the columnist for them. After 1-2 years, I realized that I should give a start to something, so, I started the journal “Managing Minds” for tier-1 and tier-2 MBA aspirants, for guiding them that IIM is not the only place for MBA and there are many other universities where MBA aspirants can lead. But I did not get a good response and my journal failed miserably. But nevertheless, I started up with my MBA and during my MBA days, since I was a big time traveller, I kick started my business of Ghoomophiro which is running successfully for the past 4 years. 
Did your parents supported you?
My parents supported me in every way they could. They never stopped me from doing anything. Even when my journal failed, they did not discourage me and always stood beside me. I believe that family support is very important for entrepreneurs. I also believe that anything that is needed to be done should be done in college days as at that time we don’t have any responsibilities and lot of networking opportunities are available. Even faculty also support such initiatives. 
Please give us an insight about your business Ghoomophiro ? 
At Ghoomophiro , we target at planning the corporate tours . Our trips are customized to the extent that we plan your tours as per your requirement and your budget. For eg : If there is a group of people who want to go for an adventure trip then we plan their trip accordingly where they can avail all the adventure and provide them with all the end to end services starting from the vehicle , activities etc. One doesn’t need to bother about anything if they are planning a trip through Ghoomophiro. All the places in our recommended lists are personally visited. At Ghoomophiro, we have recently ventured into “ women solo travel” where we are trying to provide you with women drivers, women guides etc. which has been done keeping in mind about women safety and got a wonderful response . Social media has helped me grow my business to great extent as I keep posting on twitter, Facebook about Ghoomophiro and have joined several travel groups as well on Facebook where people are active travellers, specially foreigners and got great responses from them. My focus is on quality of services that I Provide. I just want my business to remain stable and I believe that even 10 people can sustain the business if they like the quality of services that I provide them because then they will become my repeated clients. We follow a complete remote model and my team consists of 5-8 people who are engaged in different aspects of the business to avoid cost centres. 
What is your passion? 
I have passion for writing. Initially I started writing fiction but was never able to complete it as I was never able to relate myself to it. I loved writing non-fictional books as it covered real life stories to which I could easily relate. I wrote my first book during the start of Ghoomophiro named “SUPERWOMEN” which covered the stories of 20 women entrepreneurs and I have already written my second book named “ BETTER HALVES FOR STARTUPS”, which covers all the couple entrepreneurs and is going to be published soon. I never wanted to earn money through writing but just wanted it to give me a sense of satisfaction through non-tangible things. I want that my writings should inspire other women so that they feel encouraged and motivated to start writing their own books. I truly believe that women are a major section of our society and can do great wonders if guided in the right direction. I usually visit various B-schools for interactive sessions on entrepreneurship. 
Where do you feel you can take your business “GHOOMOPHIRO” ? 
We want to charter into different territories particularly niche territories. I don’t want to be a part of the crowd, don’t want to compete with others as we are a completely different sector. We target end to end services and our every itinerary is different for every traveller depending upon their budget, place they want to visit, type of hotel they want to live in etc. and we want to expand our portfolio as much as we can. Initially our focus was only corporate sector but now we have moved to women solo travel and now we want to expand it to organizing school trips. 
Our USP is as follows: 
1) All the places Ghoomophiro suggests have been personally visited. 
2) We curate your trip , customize it according to the group demands. 
What challenges did you face? 
I faced challenges in terms of the quality of service that I had to provide and while expanding the business, it was very tough for me to remain with every group. Moreover, it was difficult for the people to accept that I being a woman is starting a venture which involves so much of travelling. My parents were so supportive to the extent that they never stopped me from doing anything. Initially, I also faced a challenge in finding a publisher for me but gradually my credibility grew and publishers themselves approached me for publishing my books which motivated me to write more. 
Is it important for a woman to be financially independent ? 
Yes, I extremely believe that it is very important for a woman to be financially independent as being dependent on other person leads to uncertainty . It is very important for a woman to have an opinion of their own in financial matters and at the same time Indian society must involve in it in order to support women opinions and should make women feel that their opinions do matter. 
Some inspiring words for other women.
Women should not be scared from doing anything, they should just take a step and communicate everything in the right manner. They should feel confident about themselves and should believe in themselves be it managing finances or be it managing their home. Women should be given education about being encouraged and motivated and never being influenced by others. They should listen to themselves and should do whatever they want to in their life. Women who are homemakers should start something from the home itself. They should cultivate their hobby and should learn from other people’s mistakes. On the other hand, Business women, should channelize their energy in the right direction. They have a lot of opportunities, they should be able to make the best use of it. 
I believe that in order to be a successful entrepreneur: 
1) One should prioritize everything 
2) One should be decisive 
3) One should time bound everything 
4) Planning and execution is very important 
My success mantra is that “if you really want to do something, you have to find a way for it.”


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