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Founded in 2013 by Reema Arora , EVENTIQUE CONCEPTS has become the leading fashion exhibition for Next Generation designers from Delhi to showcase their collections. After the first event in May 2013 , followed by two much larger events in August in Flying Saucer Cafe and then in December in Skooter, Samrat Hotel featuring diverse collections of famous designers including Shivikka Chawla , Closet Affair by Priyanka Ahuja , Azwa by Shimul Chawla etc., Eventique Concepts draws a large audience of Delhi’s cognoscenti, fashionistas and shopaholics alike. 
Famous designers from Delhi and all across India unveil their collections of garments, shoes, jewelry and home accessories. Promoting newest party places and best 5 star hotels of Delhi provides unparalled access to Delhi’s elite , diplomats , socialites and visitors to the capital. SHOP TILL YOU DROP is the mantra of Eventique Concepts. Eventique Concepts, a company formed by skilled professionals with rich experience and expertise in managing and organizing designer and entertainment events. It offers creative solutions, take care of key requirements, and execute events with perfection. 
Give us an insight of your business – why ‘Eventique Concepts'?
Just like any other girl, I loved fashion and was always inspired and motivated by fashion. But, I had never thought of starting something of my own until I shifted to Gurgaon. I had been socializing since years and came into contact with all page 3 crowd, attended wine and cheese parties and realized craze for fashion was just on another level. So, it just came into my mind that why not to give a kickstart to a business which can give a platform to fashion designers to showcase their talent. I wanted to try and do something big for all the fashion designers as I myself had a creative bend towards fashion. So , finally I started up with my company ‘Eventique Concepts'. 
What is the concept behind it and how did you launched it ? 
The concept revolves around getting all the fashion designers under one roof and allowing them to showcase their talent. I started ‘Eventique Concepts’ for those designers who are working from home so that, they can participate in my event and expand their business to the next level.
I had a concept in my mind, but just required a push which my husband Mr. Jolly Arora gave me. He only suggested me to give a launch at the ‘Flying Saucer’ cafe and give a try. So, I got 10 fashion designers and kickstarted my company with a small show which became a huge hit, after which I decided to start up my event management company on a proper scale.
I began with Vasant Continental with 40 fashion designers under me and did shows with them for almost 2 years which was a huge success. for my company, then I switched to Royal Plaza , CP with 52 designers under me and did 4 shows over there and now I am with Hyatt Regency which is the best 5 star hotel of Delhi with 65 fashion designers under me. We do 4 shows every year – kickstart with Spring, then the monsoon fiesta followed by festive season of Diwali and ending with a winter show. We are able to cater 3000-4000 people in Delhi at every show I conduct.
What are the obstacles that you faced while establishing 'Eventique Concepts'?
Initially, trust factor was a major issue and there were many designers who were not ready to come on board as it was a very small label at that time. It took me three good years to establish my brand and make it big. Moreover, there is a lot of competition in this segment which I won’t say is an obstacle, but it pushes me towards getting better by each passing day.
Is 'Eventique Concepts' a costly label?
Every section of the society can avail the services of ‘Eventique Concepts’ as cost on an average is not much. Depending upon the dress and label you choose, a dress can cost you Rs.7000 also or can cost you as high as Rs. 1 lakh also. Moreover , we offer a range of products like dresses , jewellery , home décor, dresses for kids and gifts to offer. Do you feel that women should have financial knowledge ? It is very important for every woman to manage finances, be it a homemaker or a working woman. Even a housewife should plan finances as she is the ones who takes care of household budget and I feel that husbands and fathers should support their wives and daughters in letting them know how and where to invest.
According to you, how can women gain financial knowledge?
I feel that if a woman is a homemaker then managing household chores will teach her how to manage finances and if a woman is a working professional then her income will teach her how to manage money. But availing teachings through online seminars and gaining knowledge about basic financial jargons is the best way to be a financially independent woman.
What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs to be successful?
Just give your idea a try no matter what, implement it and start a business. It is not important that you will do wonders, but still you will learn and rise ahead.
1. Give it a try
2. Do not drop the idea because, you think that you won’t be able to do it
3. Just follow your heart
4. Have a pure intention
5. Respect your work
6. Passion should be visible from head to toe
"We will be coming up with our Diwali Fiesta on 29th Sept 2017 at Hyatt Regency which will be showcasing designers from Dubai , Bangkok and so on. We will also be going International very soon , so , over the years I have grown personally and professionally, both."

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