Do Not Get Discouraged By Failure, Work Hard And You Will Reach Your Goal

By Ms. Ritu Mehta- Ritu Mehta's Studio


Beautiful Minds - 'Wings of Inspiration' 
Ritu Mehta – 'Ritu Mehta's Studio' showcases a variety of Ready made, Semi - stitched, Un-Stitched, Office Ware and Party Ware suits. Designer lehengas also add the essence to the studio. 
Q.1 Give us an insight of your brand ‘Ritu Mehta's Studio' ? 
Ritu Mehta's Studio has selected designs for all age groups.
Q.2 What motivated & inspired you to start your business? 
My mother-in-law was working from home and she was doing well in her business. So , I decided to start my own venture from home as I wanted to utilise my free time. 
Q.3 According to you, what are the key aspects that can help an Indian woman to achieve professional and business success? 
According to me , for an Indian woman to achieve professional and business success , a woman should be hard working and should get full support from her family.
Q.4 What is the greatest obstacle you had faced in achieving the success you desired? How did you overcome it? 
The greatest obstacle I faced was a outlet to display my product. I started holding exhibitions at different venues and within a year , I was ready to open up my own store. 
Q.5 Do you manage your finances on your own and do you have knowledge of all your investments? 
My husband helps me in managing my finances. 
Q.6 Should women have financial knowledge and how much important it is for a woman to be financially independent? 
It is very important for a woman to be financially independent as it gives a lot of satisfaction and a feeling of self – fulfillment. 
Q.7 What advice would you give to the young women entrepreneurs about being more organized and informed about finance management? 
My advice to young entrepreneurs would be to work hard , know yourself and believe in yourself. 
Q.8 the young entrepreneurs will love to know your SUCCESS MANTRA, so that they can also use it for their business growth. 
My success mantra would be that one should never get discouraged by failure. Work hard and you will reach the goal you will set for yourself. 

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