Stay Focused On What You Are Looking To Build And Give It Your Best.

By Ms. Shradha Sud- Founder of Mamacouture


Beautiful Minds - 'Wings of Inspiration' 
Shradha Sud - A woman who instead of taking the maternity leave took the entrepreneurial leap for making other women's life easy by providing them fashionable and comfortable maternity clothes. 
Q.1 Tell us about the beautiful journey that you have travelled so far? 
A beautiful journey indeed! Mamacouture started when I was pregnant and couldn’t find fashionable and comfortable maternity clothes in India. It just didn’t feel right, that, at such an important and memorable stage of a women’s life, there were no such options. I just jumped in & started. It was like having twins! Today, I am proud about the progress we have made & the difference we have made to this space. 
Q.2 Give us an insight of your business 'MAMACOUTURE'?
Though your body changes & many need a new “style/type” of fit for a long time after delivery, the high of being a mother is not escapable for most. During our journeys with numerous pregnant women & new moms, we were glad to be reassured that the women were ready to dress up their bump, they wanted to continue to look and feel beautiful and attractive, and we just had to provide them with the right options to go on and look beautiful and ravishing.
Q.3 What motivated & inspired you to start your business?
Mamacouture started due to the personal struggle of not being able to find stylish & comfortable maternity & nursing wear to office & formal occasions. Being offered ugly large clothes was astonishing & definitely thought provoking that women have been managing during their pregnancy. I learnt that for women in India, it was either to buy such ugly clothes or shop abroad. I wanted to change that, and today my mission is to partner with women all over the world to dress up & Celebrate the Bump !
Q.4 According to you, what are the key aspects that can help an Indian woman to achieve professional and business success? 
Women have a strong work ethic, they are able to multitask and most importantly they have a high EQ. During my professional career of 13 years as a corporate lawyer, and now during my entrepreneurial journey with Mamacouture, the one piece of advice, I would like to give to women is to be more demanding of the system, and not just be demanding of themselves. 
Q.5 What is the greatest obstacle you had faced in achieving the success you desired? How did you overcome it? 
I was and I am looking to create new solutions, new ways of thinking & acting in the maternity space in India, and that made me face all types of challenges. However, believing in yourself and in your venture is important. If you feel it’s important enough, you find the energy to get it done. Also, very importantly, give it time. 
Q.6 Do you manage your finances on your own and do you have knowledge of all your investments? 
Yes, I manage my finances and our investments, both for my business and my home. 
Q.7 Should women have financial knowledge and how much important it is for a woman to be financially independent? 
Yes, most certainly. Infact they should start at a very young age, so they get the confidence to take important decisions later in life. It’s another crucial element in becoming and staying independent. 
Q.8 What advice would you give to the young women entrepreneurs about being more organized and informed about startups? 
I would say, stay focused on what you are looking to build and give it your best. Be wise about the financial aspect of your business & keep that in your control from day one. Learn as much as you can from the information all around you. Be aware of what’s happening in your area and try and build networks that can help. But don’t go out of your way to get involved in the start up frenzy, it could distract you from your larger mission. 
Q.9 The young entrepreneurs will love to know your SUCCESS MANTRA, so that they can also use it for their business growth. 
1) Just Start! 
2) If you believe in it ... then just go after it relentlessly.

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