Face Obstacles With A Positive Attitude

By Ms. Shweta Gaur- Make up Artist


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What came to you mind when you started up with your make up studio “ Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist and Academy ”? 
I always had an ingenious bend and wanted to do something different , not a typical job. I gave my first interview for Jet Airways which was not successful , then I gave it for Emirates but did not received the medical call. I was broken to a certain extent but one day my friend called up and told me that interviews were going on in Essex Farms for Jet Airways for which people had enrolled themselves 4 months before and walk ins were not allowed. But still I gave it a try and destiny played a very major role over here . There was a girl named Shweta Singh who had got her enrolled but was not present and they thought it was by mistake they wrote Shweta Singh but it was supposed to be Shweta Gaur. So , I got interviewed and got selected and my first flight was from Delhi to Mumbai. I always wanted to be a air hostess but had never travelled in a flight before. 
I was a cabin crew with Jet Airways for 7 years before I started up with my studio. Cabin crew is all about travelling and applying makeup all day. Whenever we used to go International destinations , we used to buy perfumes and cosmetics. Purchasing new things and applying it on our face was our hobby . Cabin crew is all about your personality how you present yourself. So this was well inculcated in me for about 7 years and my experience with Jet Airways was amazing. 
Since I was so good at makeup and had a creative bend , my husband who is a fashion photographer suggested me to become the makeup artist but I was not very keen on coming out of my comfort zone. Moreover , at that time I was about to be promoted , so , leaving my job was never on my mind but my husband explained me that if I would put in the same effort that I am putting in my job to be a makeup artist then I am going to grow much faster and will be known everywhere as a well defined name. He wanted me to make my hobby my profession. So this was when I felt the need of opening my own Makeup studio. 
How did you started your Make-up journey ? 
My first step was to take training internationally and then apply that training in India and provide the best of the training over here to others. I travelled to Amsterdam , Germany and took the training from there as to how to go about becoming a professional makeup artist. 
My next step was to clear my hands in Delhi and practise as much as I can. I made a beautiful card of mine and went off in salons and asked them for the job as a makeup artist. I also saw somebody throw my card in the dustbin in front of me and I really did not liked it and was completely in tears. I shared this thing with my husband and he suggested me to clear off my hands in academies only and get the gist of how it is done in India. So then I started taking training from BharatnDorris (Mumbai) and Melvin and Beg. 
After completing my training , when I came back to India I started doing freelancing at various exhibitions at Pragati Maidan and suggesting everyone what makeup will go good with what outfit. I became an image counsellor which turned out to a great experience for me and also did makeup in my husband's photoshoots. Then we planned our child and I left my child because I did not want to give a long break to my career and again started doing freelancing. After 6 months I told my husband that I want to open my own salon. 
We opened our first salon in Southex and it was not a very big set up but that step made me what I am today. What makes our salon unique is our price as we have kept our price very consumer friendly. 
“ So , I grew as a artist and never wanted to do makeup for money but wanted to satisfy customers to the best of my level.” 
Do you feel Financial knowledge is important for women ? 
Yes, it is very important for women to have financial knowledge and I feel women are the best at managing funds, specially homemakers because they are provided with limited funds which they actually have to spend accordingly. 
I feel that in order to be successful : 
1) One must be focussed. 
2) Face obstacles with a positive attitude. 
3) Always do hardwork because then only you will value your success. 
4) Sustain your success. 
5) Most importantly , do not show ego or attitude to anyone as it will let you down.


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