Women Must Reach Out For Help From Other Women Entrepreneurs

By Ms. Surabhi Dewra- Founder of Careerguide.com


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Ms. Surabhi Dewra – A woman of substance who founded careerguide.com which aims to guide students on how they can proceed with their career. This woman is addressing that aspect of the society which is the need of the hour as students these days are not sure about their career choices. 
What came into your mind that you wanted to start something in this particular segment ? 
The idea to start Careerguide.com came from my own experiences while teaching children. I have always been passionate to promote education and in my efforts to do so, I used to teach students through NGOs. Having interacted with students, I realised that the major problem today is not availability of education facility but that of the right and appropriate education focused at a child’s skills and talents. Many students take up career without giving much thought to it and eventually become an average student. Many students get emotionally stressed due to wrong career selection and this all is needed to be avoided at the right time. 
What is Careerguide.com all about ? 
The basic idea of careerguide was always to support students and help them in their career decision. However, with time, we improved our way of work as we learned the real problems and challenges being faced by students in different regions of the country. We now have a network of more than 1100 career counsellors across the country and any student can connect to any career counsellor for their queries. Also, as we grew, we tried to become more interactive with the students and now through our platform, students can instantly get their answers from career counsellors telephonically. 
What are the challenges which you faced ? 
The first and the foremost challenge which I faced was people didn't take me seriously. They used to think that it's just my hobby. Secondly, It was difficult to raise initial capital and bringing up external investors on board. 
What advice do you have for young women entrepreneurs who have just started up ? 
My advice for budding women entrepreneurs is that women must reach out for help from other women entrepreneurs.
Do you think women should have financial knowledge ? 
It is very important for women to have financial knowledge. They should go beyond kitchen expense management. 
Do you manage your finances on your own ? 
I have a CA who looks after my finances but I have knowledge of where my money is being parked. 
There is no one success mantra. But what I follow is determination and being persistant.

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