I Am Committed To Helping People Heal, Reach Their Full Potential & Lead Authentic Empowered Life.

By Ms. Taanya Nagi- MA (Counselling Psychology), DIP. Holistic Living Counselling (Australia)


What came into your mind that you started up with this business and how did you started it ? 
I won't call it a business first of all , it's my passion and it's my love for learning the connection between our mind , body and soul. Initially , I started my career from marketing during which I realised that I was more interested in personal growth of people and wanted to bring a difference in people's lives. My aim was not to run a business but to own & run an organisation that works for helping individuals going through a rough patch in their lives and to offer them a platform where they can have a caring, compassionate &a  non-judgemental professional listening to their problems. So they don't feel alone and dejected. 
While in Australia , though I had all the material comfort and a stable job, I always used to feel that there was something more that I had to do in this world. For implementing my dream , I was divinely guided to study diploma in 'Holistic Living Counselling and healing' while I was in Australia. So , I resigned my job and followed my heart to fulfill my spiritual purpose in this line. 
What does 'Holistic' mean? Holistic means that the three aspects of the self, mind , body & spirit are all interconnected. An imbalance in one often leads to an imbalance in the other two and if not healed in time manifests as a disease. 
My clinical work deals with depression , anxiety , stress, nervousness , low self esteem and confidence , financial disorder etc. I have been practising for the last 10 years. 
"I am committed to helping people heal, reach their full potential & lead authentic empowered live.” 
What are the various services and therapies you offer ? 
We offer the following services and therapies : 
1) Individual , Couple and Family Counselling 
2) Clinical Hypnotherapy (Removing Fear and Phobias) 
3) Past Life therapy 
4) Anger and Stress Management 
5) Reiki Classes (Level 1,2, and 3, Traditional USUI system of Healing) and Distance Healing 
6) Mindfullness and Relaxation Training 
7) Guided Meditation and Creative Visualisation Workshop 
8) Crystal , Chakra , Colour and Pranik Healing 
9) Akashic and Theta Healing and Clearing 
10) Angel Card , Tarot , Oracle - Lenormand Cards Reading 
Where do you deal with your clients ? 
I set up my own centre in 2006 and named it 'Holistic Healing Centre' where I started my practise. Now I have a small team of healers and we work hand in hand towards Holistic Solutions of our clients issues and their well being. 
What are the obstacles that you faced ? 
My main challenge was to make people aware of what a Holistic Lifestyle means and also to raise their awareness that “We are actually the co – creators of our realities.” 
Are your therapies expensive ? 
All my therapies are priced at reasonable standard rates as I want everybody  to be able to afford them and benefit from them . I offer special packages to students and the needy. 
Tell us about your therapies ? 
Holistic Living Therapy provides a range of modalities and services to support the whole person. This therapy aims at clearing away emotional block that prevents the individual from fully giving and receiving from the heart. As this occurs , the client can experience greater emotional freedom to be the person they really are – To express their true and whole self. 
Healing is tailored to the client and change occurs on a deep emotional level. Hence , Healing is lasting. The sessions are short term or long term depending upon the client's individual needs , with no obligation , just go at on your own pace. Once you have the tools , you keep responsibility for your own healing and growth. 
We Help You Heal Yourself ! 
Should women have financial knowledge ? 
It is very important for every women to have full knowledge about their finances. They should be very confident about their investments so that they need not rely on their husbands or their fathers for their financial aspect. 
What advice do you have for young women entrepreneurs and how should they be successful ? 
I advice all young women entrepreneurs to be assertive and should do what you love , do it anyways , take a stand and people will fall in line with time and most importantly remain determined. 
In order to be successful one should : 
1) Be Discipline 
2) Be organised 
3) Be Genuine and be people's person , don't pretend to be someone you are not 
4) Do hardwork and do what you love 
For more Information you can refer : http://holistichealingcentre.com/


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