Believe In Yourself And Live Your Dreams.

By Ms. Vijaya Mukim- Grandeur


Beautiful Minds - 'Wings of Inspiration' 
Vijaya Mukim - A woman who brings in the beautiful colours in life through her brand 'Grandeur'.
Q.1 Give us an insight of your brand ‘Grandeur’? 
Grandeur is an expression of richness, beauty and art much associated with celebration of those fine moments in life which we hold dear be it wedding, arrival of a new born or other special occasions. 
We provide artificial silk flowers and accessories to a plethora of (trousseau, baby showers and gift) packaging professionals and enterprises - in the gift packaging industry. 
It’s dominated by women through out India as a part of customized packaging industry. Grandeur represents an exclusive range of such accessories, which are used industry wide to make this packaging magical.
Q.2 What motivated & inspired you to start your business? 
An unquenchable thirst to satisfy my creative urge and my passion to turn it into a productive enterprise that is commercially viable.
Q.3 According to you, what are the key aspects that can help an Indian woman to achieve professional and business success?
Each of us has a passion and we have our talent, only remaining part is using our business and financial acumen to channel these into a successful commercial enterprise. 
Feel free to read , take opinion , involve your family and friends to brainstorm with you and be smart to pick up most knowledgeable inputs and use them . 
Be aware of legal formalities and do imbibe them in your enterprise to make is grow.
Q.4 What is the greatest obstacle you had faced in achieving the success you desired? How did you overcome it? 
Being a homemaker initially in a Marwari family taking the first step to start something of my own was in itself a challenge but due to the positive support of my late father in law made it possible. 
He took the mantle of my guru and guided me how to take bold assertive decisions and when in dilemma, whether to go with the flow or against it - decide once and than stick to it – that worked for me. 
I took advice when required, learned what I lacked, took decisions carefully and stood by them to see them through. 
Q.5 Do you manage your finances on your own and do you have knowledge of all your investments? 
I do it myself with support.
Q.6 Should women have financial knowledge and how much important it is for a woman to be financially independent? 
Yes, it is the most integral part of any enterprise. Being financially independent is essential for positive contribution to family, society and enterprise and for personal growth.
Q.7 What advice would you give to the young women entrepreneurs about being more organized and informed about finance management?
One should :
1) Develop a good team and delegate. 
2) Stay aware of day-to-day operations but delegate daily decision-making. 
3) Set a course with mid term objectives and strive hard to stay on course. 
4) With so many legalities and changing environment if you have a good team you will always stay on top of your business. 
Q.8 the young entrepreneurs will love to know your SUCCESS MANTRA, so that they can also use it for their business growth. 
There’s no such thing as “Problem “. It is just absence of an idea for solution. Believe in yourself and live your dreams. 

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