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There Is No Short Cut To Success. Just Work Hard And Believe In Yourself.

Ms. Pooja Mishra

- IIM Calcutta Alumna educating more than 1000 children for free

Women Must Reach Out For Help From Other Women Entrepreneurs

Ms. Surabhi Dewra

- Founder of

The Moment You Are An Entrepreneur, Just Ungender Yourself.

Ms. Ishita Anand

- Founder of Bitgiving

Have Faith In Yourself And Never Give Up Hope.

Ms. Kalpana Viswanath

- Founder of Safetipin

Hire People With Knowledge And Not Just Prestigious Degrees

Ms. Ankita Jain


Believe In Yourself And Your Dreams Will Come True.

Ms. Savita Sachdeva

- Senior consultant at Sachdeva Diagnostics

One Great Move In The Right Direction Can Help Achieve The Success Where Only Sky Is The Limit.

Ms. Shalini Khurana

- Principal of Kingdom of Kids( A unit of the Sri Ram Education Trust)

Keep At It, Keep Trying And Love Your Work.

Ms. Neeta Khurana

- Neeta Khurana's Cooking and Baking Classes

Diligent Focussed Work Is The Key To Success

Ms. Mallika Sharma

- The Leather Laundry

There Is No Alternative To Hard Work.

Ms. Purnima Rao

- Owner of Fresh2all

While Thinking With Your brain, Dont Overlook What Your Heart Is Saying And Trust Your Instinct.

Ms. Aditi Kohli

- Owner of Papillon Cupcakes

Do Your Best, Be Honest, And Understand Your Client.

Ms. Sakshi Verma

- Founder of GLITTIRE

Don’t Wait For The Light At The End Of The Tunnel, Just Light It Up!

Ms. Mrinal Sharma and Ms. Sadhavi Ashwani

- Baba's Beans

Until And Unless, You Have Not Tried Every Option Available And Not Left Any Stone Unturned, You Have To Be Relentless And Keep Trying

Ms. Maani Agarwal

- I wear my style

Staying On Top Of Finances Should Be A Priority.

Ms. Pallavi Khemka

- Founder of Khatte Meethe Desires

Stay Focused On What You Are Looking To Build And Give It Your Best.

Ms. Shradha Sud

- Founder of Mamacouture

Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Have Courage To Take Risks In Life

Ms. Shailza Sood Dasgupta

- Chalo Lets Go

Do Not Get Discouraged By Failure, Work Hard And You Will Reach Your Goal

Ms. Ritu Mehta

- Ritu Mehta's Studio

I Love To Make Furniture With My Own Hands

Ms. Charu Vadehra

- Owner of Karigiri

I Believed In Myself And Never Thought That I Was Inferior To A Man In Anyway And Always Wanted To Be Financially Independent

Ms. Urvashi Kumar

- Modern Bazaar

Believe In Yourself And Live Your Dreams.

Ms. Vijaya Mukim

- Grandeur

Passionately Contributing To Others Lives Whether It Be Professional Or Personal Leads To Success.

Ms. Kriti Baveja and Ms. Divya Gupta

- Owners of MOMZJOY

Goals Should Be Clearly Defined-Whether Long Term Or Short Term.

Ms. Ankkita Jain Das

- Architect

If You Really Want To Do Something, You Have To Find A Way For It

Ms. Prachi Garg

- Founder of Ghoomophiro

Lay Down Your Own Success Definition. Make Your Own Goals, And Work Each Day To Smash Them!

Ms. Ankita Chaudhry

- SAAJ by Ankita

For Me It’s Not Creating Pots, It’s Living An Experience While Creating A Sense Of Bonding

Ms. Harpreet Ahluwalia

- Earthly Creations

One Should Not Have Any Regrets In Life, So Go Pursue Your Dreams And Don’t Look Back.

Ms. Shagun Sharma

- Hedonista

I Am Committed To Helping People Heal, Reach Their Full Potential & Lead Authentic Empowered Life.

Ms. Taanya Nagi

- MA (Counselling Psychology), DIP. Holistic Living Counselling (Australia)

Face Obstacles With A Positive Attitude

Ms. Shweta Gaur

- Make up Artist

Give It Your All, Until You Achieve What You Want To

Ms.Devika Srimal

- Kanabis

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