Complimentary Tax Filing for Bajaj Capital Clients

Written on Saturday, August 1, 2015
By Team Bajaj Capital

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Most of us face some or the other complications while filing our tax returns and if we choose to go through professional channels we have to pay a minimum prescribed charge. Bajaj Capital in association with H & R Block is offering complimentary tax filling worth Rs. 499 for all its clients. We have always ensured and acted to pass on maximum benefits to our valued clients, this is another step intended to provide our patrons a hassle free experience without paying any charge. Go ahead and complete your e-filing in 4 simple steps.

Step 1
Register on our website and submit your details

Step 2
Login on the page and upload your Form 16

Step 3
Experts will prepare your file

Step 4
Review your form and file your tax

Congratulations! You have experienced the simplest way of filing tax. Isn't it? CLICK HERE to avail our complimentary offer. You can even experience our 360 degree financial assessment to assess your financial health and opt for scheme that would ensure maximum tax saving. 

Note: This offer is only valid for salaried individuals.

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