Prosperity Revolution With Mutual Funds- Mutual Fund Day 7th of Every Month

Written on Friday, April 7, 2017
By Mitali Sharma

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Mutual Fund Day is acknowledged on 7th of every month to create awareness among investors, so that they get encouraged to explore the investment opportunities in Mutual Funds(MF). Mutual fund penetration is still sub 10% level in terms of overall GDP because most of the people consider MF as an option related to Equity markets only. MFs are not only about Equity as it has more to it. Thus, there is immense scope for investors to explore the mutual fund investments as solutions to their needs like retirement, tax saving, liquidity, wealth creation and others.

Mutual Fund Day every month is an opportunity for beginners as well as existing investors to explore the benefits of mutual funds or to start their mutual fund investment journey.

However, when it is about investments, any day is a good day to start but having a specifically assigned day is always better because it makes you feel connected with the concept. On Mutual Fund Day, various Asset Management Companies conduct events to promote awareness or run digital campaigns to disseminate more information about MFs. People can benefit from these and enhance their MF knowledge if they are looking forward to investing in MFs or even they are already MF investors.


7 Wonders of Mutual Funds:


Diversification: Mutual Fund investments minimize risks through portfolio diversification

Easy to Start: You can start your investments even with small amount

Transparent: Mutual funds past performance is a matter of public record, anyone can track the performances of the funds before and after investing

Liquidity: Open to quick exit and easy selling of shares

Tax Friendly: Mutual Fund investments are tax-friendly and tax-effective

Professional Management: Mutual fund portfolios are managed by professional money managers

Reinvest: There is flexibility of reinvesting dividends


Breaking the Myths Related to Mutual Funds:

Myth: The greatest myth perhaps is that mutual funds block the money for many years

Reality: Mutual Fund investments have liquidity. If you choose open-ended funds, then you can withdraw your money at any point of time.

Myth: In general, people think that it is mandatory to have lump-sum money to invest in Mutual Funds.

Reality: Through Systematic Investment Plan i.e SIP, you can start investing in mutual funds with the amount as small as Rs 500.

Myth: Mutual Funds Investment requires timing the marketplace, and that is why it is not a good investment option for those who have no knowledge about market

Reality: Investing in Mutual Funds through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) makes you free from the need of timing the market. With SIP, it is is not important what time you enter the market but it is important how much you are in the market.

Myth: Many people think that MF investments are for the long-term only.

Reality: MF investments can even be held for short to medium terms using the debt schemes such as liquid funds, ultra-short term funds, short to medium-term debt funds.


Disclaimer: Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks. Please read the Statement of Additional Information (SAI) and Scheme Information Document (SID) carefully before investing

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