Still Looking for Investment Options? Here are Few Solutions from Mutual Funds

Written on Friday, March 11, 2016
By Mutual Fund Group (Bajaj Capital)

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 “RETIRE” can be elongated as “Relax, Entertain, Travel, Indulge, Read, Enjoy”.

However, as the age goes “It’s not only at what AGE You Retire is Important, but with what INCOME You Retire is also Important”.

Retirement planning is an integral part of the Financial Planning. With an aim to SAVE & ACCUMULATE prudently for ENJOYING a happy retirement life, following are the retirement solutions:



A)     Reliance Retirement Fund:

Reliance Mutual Fund offers one stop Equity & Debt Oriented Retirement Solution- “RELIANCE RETIREMENT FUND” an open ended notified tax savings cum pension scheme u/s 80C.

It is a Comprehensive Retirement Solution which is:


Retirement Planing

Hence through Reliance Retirement Fund, you can make -

“Retirement- The Best Years of Your Life”.


B)   HDFC Retirement Savings Fund:

Another retirement solution is HDFC Retirement Savings Fund, an open ended notified tax savings cum pension scheme which is a mutual fund vehicle targeting retirement corpus for an investor.

       There is a choice of 3 plans –Depending on age and risk profiles

-          Equity Plan

-          Hybrid Equity Plan

-          Hybrid Debt Plan


Key Benefits:

-  Asset allocation is important as each asset class has a different return-risk-liquidity profile. HDFC Retirement Savings Fund offers three different plans to suit investors of different age group and risk profiles.

-  Investments in the scheme qualify for benefits U/s 80 C of the Income-tax, 1961.

-  Expertise of HDFC AMC with over 15 years of fund management experience. 

Bye-bye Tension! Welcome Pension!

• Accumulate till 60 through:

-          Lump sum

-          SIP

• Do not touch the retirement corpus till you actually retire


Why depend on others? Create your own tax efficient Pension Scheme!


Stay Financially Independent!

Source: Details from product note of each of the above mentioned AMCs.


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