Clean Nehru Place Green Nehru Place


18th Oct, 2014 - Inspired by "Swachh Bharat" Campaign lead by Prime Minister of India, Bajaj Capital - India's premier 'Investment Services' company, took this campaign one level up and planned an activity with the name "Clean Nehru Place, Green Nehru Place" at Nehru Place, Delhi where company also owns its Head Office at 97, Bajaj House.

On every Saturday hundreds of Bajaj Capital employees walked down on the streets with brooms, banners and sloganeered "Kripya Kooda Kudedaan mein daale, keep your surroundings neat and clean". Around 800 Bajaj Capital team members from Nehru Place - Head Office, participated in this event. The message of this activity was to aware the visitors, local shopkeepers about the benefits of keeping the surroundings clean. Many local people inquired and joined "Clean Nehru Place, Green Nehru Place" campaign organized by Bajaj Capital. Later Municipal Corporation of Delhi stepped forward with us by putting banners to keep the area clean around Nehru Place.

After the success of the campaign in Nehru Place - Delhi, Bajaj Capital also took this activity to other cities like Kolkata.