Bajaj Capital conducted a workshop at IIT Kharagpur

The annual management fest of IIT Kharagpur, Kshitij has risen from a humble foundation in 2004 to being the largest of its kind in Asia. The sheer quality of event has attracted attention worldwide and top-notch organizations. In four days of this spectacular event, this year on request of interested students, Bajaj Capital gave its association to IIT Kharagpur, 'Kshitij 2016' to conduct a workshop on 'Art of Wealth Creation and Role of Financial Intermediaries in Building India'.

Bajaj Capital conducted this workshop in order to bring the Indian Youth closure to the term, 'Financial Planning' which is an emerging day-to-day practice in order to achieve individual financial goals. On behalf of Bajaj Capital, Mr. Vishwajeet Parashar - Senior VP & Group Marketing Head of the company conducted this workshop and guided more than 200 students on the 'Present, Past and Future of Financial Intermediaries and how Financial Planning is becoming important for Youth'.