With a little help from Bajaj Capital, you too can give yourself the Financial Assessment edge!

What is Financial Assessment?

Financial Assessment is a unique software-based simulation that takes a holistic view of your life-long financial needs and charts a personalized investment solution to help you meet them. Interested to know more, please get in touch with Bajaj Capital Relationship Manager.

Why do you need Bajaj Capital's Financial Assessment?

You may have many dreams, needs and desires. For example, you could be dreaming of:
  •     Bajaj Capital Owning a new car
  •     Bajaj Capital Buying a dream house
  •     Bajaj Capital Providing your children with the best education
  •     Bajaj Capital Planning a grand wedding for your children
  •     Bajaj Capital Having a great time after your retirement
But in today's world of skyrocketing costs and increasing inflation, how many of these dreams can you hope to turn into reality?. Financial Assessment helps you see the big picture and invest for specific long-term and short-term goals well in time.

How will Financial Assessment help you?

Instead of investing in an ad-hoc manner, Financial Assessment helps you take a holistic, all-round view. Briefly, Financial Assessment help you in:
Investment decisions :
  •      To make your wealth grow
Cash Flow management :
  •     Bajaj Capital To provide for assets and meet the periodic cash requirements
Minimize your Tax liability :
  •     Bajaj Capital To save on taxes and increase your income
Insurance requirement :
  •     Bajaj Capital To protect yourself, your family and your assets
Children's Future Needs :
  •     Bajaj Capital To give your children a financially secure future
Retirement :
  •     Bajaj Capital Because retirement is a time to relax, not to get worried

Who needs Financial Assessment?

Everyone does! Because, everyone has a right to dream. And realizing dreams is easier when you work towards it.

How do I create my personalized Financial Assessment?

Here' is how Financial Assessment are prepared:
  •     Bajaj Capital The process begins with identifying your needs
  •     Bajaj Capital creating a personalized Snapshot.
  •     Bajaj Capital The Snapshot gives you a graphic account of all your financial requirements, at every stage of your future life.
  •     Bajaj Capital Based on the Snapshot, our Relationship Manager helps you to carry out scheme selection.
  •     Bajaj Capital Once you select the schemes, we help you in efficient execution
A Financial Assessment session takes just 15 minutes but gives you benefits of a lifetime.

Can I do my own Financial Assessment ?

Some personal finance software packages, magazines or self-help books can help you do your own Financial Assessment . However, you may decide to seek help from us if :
  •     Bajaj Capital You don't have the time to spare to do your own Financial Assessment;
  •     Bajaj Capital You know that you need to improve your current financial situation but don't know where to start;
  •     Bajaj Capital You feel that a Relationship Manager could help you improve on how you are currently managing your finances;
  •     Bajaj Capital You have an immediate need or unexpected life event such as an inheritance or major illness;

What should I look for in a Relationship Manager?

A Relationship Manager works for you. His or her loyalty should be to the client, not the product(s) he is trying to sell. The Relationship Manager should be in a position to help you to invest in products that match your needs.

How can I plan for tomorrow when I can hardly pay for today?

Have a budget. Determine what you actually spend each month. There are fixed expenses like rent, loan repayments, etc. every month about which we can do little. The variable items such as food, clothing and entertainment are often what get away from us. Use your discretion to contain these variable expenses to start saving.

How much should I be saving?

It is hard to apply a rule of thumb toward savings, because it varies with age and income level. Ten percent is a good start. If you find that is too high for you, don't let that deter you. You can start by putting a little aside each month and then slowly increasing it.

What if I don't achieve my goals?

Financial Assessment is a common sense approach to managing your finances to reach your life goals. It cannot change your situation overnight; it is a lifelong process. Remember that events beyond your control such as inflation or changes in the stock market or interest rates will affect your Financial Assessment results.

What should a Financial Assessment include?

A Financial Assessment should include your goals and objectives, investment , cash flow, retirement , tax and insurance needs, to achieve the desired objective.

Why is there an evaluation of my insurance needs?

Evaluating your insurance needs is part of personal Financial Assessment. Insurance takes care of your unpredictable needs and as these needs can arise at anytime, insurance is extremely important.

What about taxes?

It is important that Financial Assessment is tax efficient. The Financial Assessment should help you in minimizing your tax liability.
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