Retirement is the golden time of an individual's life. But to live a stress-free life after retirement without compromising on your living standards, you need to have sufficient savings. Retiring rich is not optional, rather a necessity owing to various factors like rising health care costs, change/removal of pension schemes for government employees, increasing life expectancy rate, rising inflation, high costs of living and absence of social security system by the government.

So are you saving enough to retire rich? You can easily know that by using the Retirement Fund Calculator offered by Bajaj Capital. Retirement Fund Calculator is designed to inform you how much money you need to save on a monthly basis in order to attain your desired retirement corpus. Simply, enter your monthly salary, current age, retirement age, inflation rate, and interest rate and you will instantly know the amount you need to save monthly for retiring rich.

This retirement calculator, available online, is very convenient to use. Based on the results of this calculator, you can further decide your retirement investments.