Meeting financial goals is a challenging task for every individual but if you invest in a systematic and regular manner, then achieving your financial goal becomes much easier. Systematic investment planning (SIP) is a smart investment route to invest in mutual funds. Through SIP route, you can periodically invest small amounts in mutual funds that have the potential to offer returns. SIP gives you the benefits of rupee cost averaging and the power of compounding. SIP works best when you invest for longer periods.

If you are planning to invest in SIP, then before investing you must roughly calculate your returns. Bajaj Capital's Systematic Investment Plan Return calculator can help you with it. This easy-to-use calculator helps you in knowing the estimated returns from your monthly SIP investments over a period of time. You simply need to provide details like your monthly savings, expected rate of return, years of investment, etc. With the help of these inputs, the SIP return calculator will instantly calculate how much your savings will grow at the end of years (mentioned by you).

In regard to SIP, choosing the right scheme is very essential. Financial experts from Bajaj Capital can help you in choosing the correct investment plan for your financial needs.