A Balasubramanian

A Balasubramanian

MD & CEO Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Ltd


Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. A Balasubramanian, has been an integral part of the organization since 1994. As a Fixed Income and Equity Portfolio Manager in the Mutual Fund sector, he has over 26 years of expertise. Before taking on the CEO position in 2009, he held the position of Chief Investment Officer from 2006 to 2009.

He has done his BSc in Mathematics and MBA, apart from being the Alumnus of the finest and most prestigious educational institutions nationally and Globally. He has been a part of IIM Bangalore and Harvard through Advanced Management Programme, constantly contributing.

He finds his roots in Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, India. As a child full of inexplicable hunger in search of answers to the questions presented by the everyday functioning of things around him and things out of his reach. Thus he wished to be an engineer and swore to find those solutions to his mystifying sets of questions from the dept of

Suggestions to Youth

  • Asset Allocation is all a gameplay of risk and returns. So, therefore, when it comes to asset allocation, have some allocation in Nifty 50 and also have allocation in the Next Nifty 50 companies, and this would be the ideal portfolio approach.
  • You should always keep trying in life. Even water, once poured, finds its flow passage regardless of the obstacles laid in the path. Similarly, we should keep trying despite hindrances following us. 
  • “Everything is achievable in life, Keep your intentions right and life will be very beautiful”.
  • Unveil the power of Compounding by investing your money regularly and remaining invested for a relatively longer time can increase your profitability ratios as compared to keeping your money idle in bank accounts.
  • When it comes to asset allocation, have a good blend of allocation in Nifty 50 and along with allocation in the next Nifty 50 companies, for the ideal portfolio approach.
  • There is always a bull market followed by a bear market, and each bear market is followed by a bull market. Investors should always maintain a diversified portfolio of hybrid funds since the market is dynamic and undergoes drastic changes regularly.
  • We must aspire from nature, always in search of finding a way.
  • Investing in hybrid funds is an option for senior citizens as well. Compounding takes care of everything throughout the cycle. In addition to taking care of your principal amount, SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan) also provides you with monthly withdrawals.

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