Navneet Munot

Navneet Munot



Navneet Munot, MD & CEO of HDFC AMC LTD. His roots are deepened from a pocket-sized vest city in Beawar, Ajmer district of Rajasthan.

The concept of savings and investments profoundly surged in his veins in his early childhood and taught the insatiable hunger to always widen the horizons of their education. His father believed that Reading edifies the mind; thus, this ideology streamed across Navneet's family. He ended up gathering a bunch of Educational  degrees, including M.Com, and is a highly qualified Chartered Accountant to rank 
50th in All India Rank, he is also a Charter holder of the CFA and CAIA Institute, along with FRM, to highlight his educational background.

In Feb 1994, he joined Birla Growth Finance, Birla Sunlife Securities, Birla Sunlife AMC - Fixed Income and Hybrid Funds, where he spent nearly 14 years in the group across all spheres of financial services. He staunchly believes that he learned bountiful over the years he served here. B

tracedLife Journey

Life defining Moments

Suggestions to Youth

  • “The fundamental tenets of investing never change.” 
  • "A new wave of growth in the global economy," driven by accommodative monetary and fiscal policy, is being shaped. Under these factors, there will be a new reflationary cycle, and India will be a big beneficiary.
  • My father continuously chanted Read more, Meet more. Where he moderately ignited a sense of curiosity and the never-ending zeal to learn more than the previous day and constantly questioned, "what value can I add for others"?
  • An authentic investor is one that remains focused on the long-term goals and achieving real time multiplying success ratios.
  • We must rename the Middle class as Middle-Income individuals with Higher values.
  • A layman plunging into the market should opt for a fund depending upon its goals, return expectations, risk appetite, time horizon, liquidity preferences, etc. Depending upon them, you need to do the proper allocation and choose the right fund to allocate your money.
  • Always remember this quote, Sales is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, and Cash is Reality. Ultimately, a business has to justify its existence by delivering an adequate return on the capital, but it cannot generalize.

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