Sanjiv Bajaj of Bajaj Capital Group

Sanjiv Bajaj

Jt. Chairman & MD Bajaj Capital Group

There is risk coming at us from every direction – It's our duty to shield ourselves with adequate protection


Mr. Sanjiv Bajaj is the Joint Chairman and Managing Director of Bajaj Capital. He is a renowned angel investor, mentor, start-up coach, avid writer, and illustrious media personality. He was born on 27th May 1972 and raised by his parents, Mr. KK Bajaj and Mrs. Sanyokta Bajaj. As a child full of curiosity, Sanjiv was constantly supplemented with a diverse array of knowledge and abundance of highly qualified individuals surrounding him in the Bajaj family.

Having interests in insurance, wealth management, real estate, personal finance, and education, he is a member of many industry bodies, such as the CII National Committee on Life Insurance & Pensions and the CII National Committee on Health Insurance. With his passion for customer-centric life insurance and health insurance products, he has helped build many of the industry's best products. In addition, Fortune India Magazine ranked him 76th in India's Top 100 Angel Investors list.

He showed an early interest in th

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