Retirement is the golden time of an individual's life. It's that phase of life when you will be all through of your liabilities like children education, home loan, car loan etc.

It will be that most awaited 'ME' time when you can live stress-free, probably pursuing hobbies, traveling or just relaxing. But the only evil is the 'Inflation.' It will rob your purchasing power. You may not have big liabilities but just to maintain your lifestyle, you will need a lot more money. Starting from grocery to entertainment expenses; health care to travel expenses, everything will be a lot costlier.

If today you need Rs. 30,000 to meet your monthly expenses, then after 30 years, you will be needing around Rs. 3 Lakhs/month to meet the same expenses. So your retirement will be golden only if you retire rich with a provision for the regular monthly pension.

So are you saving enough to retire rich? NPS is your ideal product that will help you retire with a lumpsum amount and will also give you the gateway for regular pensions. Before investing in NPS, you can use the NPS Retirement Fund Calculator to know how much wealth and pension you will accumulate trough NPS investment. Based on the results of this calculator, you can further decide your NPS investment.