Office Insurance Package is a comprehensive package of different insurance policies that provide flexibility and cover for various contingencies. A package policy like this avoids you arranging different policies for fire, burglary, machinery breakdown etc. It provides you complete control of managing all your risks in office under one policy.

Over and above this, an Office Insurance being a package plan also helps you get good discounts.

Section I - Fire and special perils:

Covers the office building and contents against perils such as fire, earthquake, impact damage, etc. Cover under this section can be extended to include terrorism risk.

Section II -Fire loss of profit

Covers losses suffered by you due to interruption with the business carried on at the office premises in consequence of loss, destruction or damage caused by perils covered under Section I

Section III -All risks

Covers all assets, excluding building and incidental stocks, against all risks other than those specifically excluded. Coverage includes fire and allied perils, mechanical and electrical breakdown, accidental breakage and burglary and/or housebreaking

Section IV -Mechanical and electrical appliances

This section covers all electrical and mechanical appliances, apparatus, gadgets and any electrical or mechanical installation which is fixed in the office premises against loss or damage due to unforeseen and sudden physical damage caused by mechanical and/or electrical breakdown.

Section V -Electronic Appliances

This section provides all risk cover for electronic appliances, data processing equipments, apparatus, gadgets, electronic installations, data carrying materials and system software fixed in the office premises.

Section VI -Burglary and housebreaking

This section offers cover for items of property in the office premises against burglary, houbreaking and theft.

Section VII - Money insurance

This section covers loss of money

a) while in transit between the office premises and bank due to accident or misfortune

b) from safe at the office premises due to Burglary or Housebreaking

c) from till/counter at the office premises due to Burglary or Housebreaking

Section VIII -Infidelity/dishonesty of employees

This section provides indemnity for loss or damage to the business against direct pecuniary loss caused by dishonest acts of your employees including act of stealing, misappropriation or fraudulent conversion.

Section IX -Fixed glass and sanitary fittings

This section covers loss or damage due to accidental breakage of

a) Fixed plate glass and sanitary fittings contained in the office premises

b) Frames or framework

c) Lettering consequent upon the breakage of glass

Section X -Neon sign/glow sign/hoarding

Coverage to office publicity tools such as neon signs and hoardings against risks such as fire, lightening, explosion, theft, flood, malicious damage, etc.

Section XI -Legal liability

Employer's Liability - This sub-section provides compensation to the employees under the Fatal Accidents Act 1855/Workmen’s Compensation Act 1923, and in Common Law, for accidental death or injury arising out of and in the course of employment.

Public Liability - This sub-section covers legal liability to be paid to third parties, including claimant’s costs, fees and expenses incurred anywhere in India, in accordance with Indian Law.

Tenant's legal liability - This sub-section covers legal liability incurred by you as a tenant of the office premises for damage to the building due to fire and allied perils.

Section XII -Personal accident

This section provides for financial compensation to the insured person in the event of death, bodily injury or disablement due to accident. This can be further extended to cover medical expenses incurred in the event of a valid claim under this section.

Table of Benefits
  • Bajaj Capital

    Permanent total and absolute disability

  • Bajaj Capital

    Permanent Partial Disability

  • Bajaj Capital

    Temporary Total Disablement

Section XIII -Baggage

This section covers loss of baggage of proprietor/ partner/ principal officer /an employee who is in the permanent employment of the proposer due to accident or misfortune during an official travel.

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