Building a corpus for retirement is most likely your last goal after others such as child's education or buying a home. This means you have more time to plan and invest for retirement. It is never too early to prepare for retirement, especially if you want to maintain the same standard of living that you would have got accustomed to by then.

Let's take a hypothetical example. Assume that you are a 35 year old, earning Rs.3 lakh per annum. Your salary grows at 5% per annum and you plan to retire after 25 years. Under these circumstances, assuming your post-retirement requirement would be 60% of your last annual income (Rs.10 lakh approx.), you would need about Rs.6 lakh per annum after retirement. To achieve this, you need a retirement corpus of Rs.75 lakh assuming you earn a return of 5% per annum over a period of 20 years. To meet this goal, you would have to invest more than Rs.9, 000 per month at 7% per annum for the next 25 years. Inflation and tax implications have not been considered for simplicity.

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